Trident Custom Coatings is a business that is family owned and operated out of East Dundee, Illinois. We specialize in a variety of different material coatings, but we break the mold when it comes down to what we coat. While most simply coat weapons, we have differentiated ourselves by coating anything from engine parts to mailboxes, and much more.

The owner, Ty Cobb, has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years, and has been a gun enthusiast and collector for just as long. He is very meticulous and is passionate about the components he customizes, as shown through past successes with award-winning cars and motorcycles. He puts his heart and soul into every piece, whether it be duracoating an AR15 or hydrodipping valve covers. He has assembled a team that stands behind the products they customize. Read More.



DuraCoat is a two part chemical process created specifically for firearms.

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Hydrodipping is a method of applying printed designs to 3-D surfaces.

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Black Oxide

Black oxide is formed by a chemical reaction to make a protective surface.

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Nickel Boron

Nickel Boron Coating (NiB) is an autocatalytic coating process. It's complicated.

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We can do more than guns! Make a request, we've got you covered.

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